White Marble Slabs

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When it comes to premium surfacing materials, it’s hard to beat white marble slabs. The natural veining in each piece makes it truly one of a kind and the perfect way to compliment your unique living space. Some of the most popular types of white marble slabs include Carrara, calacatta and statuario. While similar in appearance, there are differences that can make a big impact on your finished surface upgrade.

Carrara is more often than not a slightly off white color with very light and feathery veins. It’s ideal for those looking for a more uniform but very distinguished look. Calacatta is a truer white with more defined veining spread out with some level of consistency. Statuario is among the most sought after due to the even darker veins that can range in color from grey to gold.

The uniqueness of white marble slabs is just one of the factors that make this natural stone option so incredibly desirable. To learn more about the different types of white marble, take advantage of a massive fifty-thousand square foot air-conditioned stone warehouse. You’ll be amazed by the sheer volume of beautiful stone pieces, and you won’t have to brave the elements to do so.
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For thousands of years, white marble slabs have been revered for their natural beauty. It’s a diverse material that has been used in churches, temples, family homes and as cladding for some of the most interesting buildings in the world. There are more than a few types of white marble and learning about some of the most popular types is a great way to help decide which type is right for your project.


This type of white marble slab is quarried in the northernmost point of modern day Tuscany, Italy. It’s often a darker shade of white with very light gray veining that often resembles light brush strokes. It’s a popular material for countertops, walls and flooring, but is also highly regarded as a premium material for sculptors.


Most often quarried from the same region as Carrara in Italy, this type of white marble offers a more defined veining. It’s very often used for countertops, walls and flooring, but has, in recent years, found a place with interior designers as a framing option. When used to create unique fireplace mantles, its beauty is easily admired.


The rarest and most sought after type of white marble, statuario is characterized by its dark and distinctive veining. The colors of these veins can range from gray to gold, depending on the minerals found in the stone nearby. For anyone looking to make a bold statement in their homes, this is the perfect choice.
White marble slabs are unique. No two pieces are identical, which makes their incorporation into your home a very personal experience. Learning more about the varieties of white marble available in your area is as simple as a trip to a reputable and well-stocked natural stone retailer. The finest in the industry will have a massive selection that is sure to make shopping a breeze.